Saturday, March 14, 2009

Disneyland :))

gosh we are so cool ;)

we are sooo EXCIIIITED!
These trees were my favorite:)

waiting to go on Star Wars

Space Mountain line...we were bored:)

we are g's

After! haha.


in mickey's house

watch it ;)

this picture was taken too early and we both had the same face!

Face painting:)


At Autopia

action shot

the end:)
I love this girl!!!!!!
Day 3


Best friends!

This picture didn't really turn out, but still cool!

Ripley's Odditorium (this is for you, Heathie!)

A silver man!

Giant elephant at the shopping center

Frankie and me ;)

we loooove Elvis ;)


Seeing stars

and more stars

Kodak Theatre

This billboard was painted right onto the building!

Capitol Records

I thought this was cute:)

Does this pot make me look short?

Day 2